Best In Show. Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh - 18th May to 3rd June 2015.

34 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh. EH3 6QE

Best in show. 92x33cm.
  • best_in_show
    Best in show. 92x33cm.
  • gaze_at_what_lies_beyond
    Gaze at what lies beyond. 148x148cm
  • Parrots
    Parrots. Ceramic. 42cm.
  • _Hope_Is_a_Waiting_Dream._Gouache
    Hope is a waiting dream. Gouache. 21x15cm
  • 3_Birds._Gouache
    3 Birds. Gouache. 21x15cm
  • Peacocks
    Peacocks. Ceramic. 42cm.
  • Peacock_detail
    Parrots detail. Ceramic. 42cm.
  • a_day_will_come
    A day will come. 42x20cm
  • an_hour_or_two_before_the_sun
    An hour or two before the sun. 90x60cm
  • Swans
    Swans. Ceramic. 42cm.
  • Anemones._Oil_on_Board
    Anemones. Oil on board. 30x27cm
  • Anemones._Oil_on_Canvas
    Anemones. Oil on canvas. 30x24cm
  • Birdhouse._Mixed_Media
    Birdhouse. Mixed media. 30x20cm
  • Boy_with_Anemones._Oil_on_Canvas
    Boy with Anemones. Oil on canvas. 40x40cm
  • Budgies_with_Balls_II._Oil_on_Canvas
    Budgies with balls II. Oil on canvas. 120x80cm
  • Budgies_with_Balls._Oil_on_canvas
    Budgies with balls. Oil on canvas. 90x60cm
  • Bullfinch._Oil_on_Board
    Bullfinch. Oil on board. 21x15cm
  • Cardellino._Oil_on_Board
    Cardellino. Oil on board. 25x15cm
  • charm_of_Goldfinches_with_honeysuckle
    Charm of Goldfinches with honeysuckle. 50x50cm
  • Created_to_Represent_the_Soul._Oil_on_Board
    Created to represent the soul. Oil on board. 21x15cm
  • Cygne_Noir._Watercolour_and_Ceramic_Tile
    Cygnet noir. Watercolour and ceramic tile. 40x20cm
  • Harmony._oil_on_Board
    Harmony. Oil on board. 21x15cm
  • I_Sing_the_Body_Electric._Mixed_Media
    I sing the body electric. Mixed media. 12x6cm
  • Indian_Bird._Gouache
    indian bird. Gouache. 22x7cm
  • indian_friend
    Indian friend. 22x15cm
  • Inflames_the_Nightingale_with_Joy._Mixed_Media
    Inflamed the Nightingale with joy. Mixed media. 21x15cm
  • Le_Petit_Moineau._Pencil_and_Gouache
    Le petit Moineau. Pencil and gouache. 18x10cm
  • Life_Is_Just_a_Bowl_of_Cherries._Watercolour
    Life is just a bowl of cherries. Watercolour. 22x25cm
  • Love_Painting._Oil_on_Canvas
    Love painting. Oil on canvas. 30x21cm
  • lovebirds
    Lovebirds. 32x25cm
  • Of_Memory_Good_thoughts,_and_Recollections._Oil_on_Canvas
    Of memory good thoughts and recollections. Oil on canvas. 140x100cm
  • Off_Earliest_Spring._Oil_on_Canvas
    Off earliest Spring. Oil on canvas. 40x30cm
  • Over_the_Orchard_Gate._Oil_on_Canvas
    Over the orchard gate. Oil on canvas. 100x80cm
  • Pansies_and_Queens._Gouache_and_Collage
    Pansies and Queens. Gouache and collage. 20x15cm
  • Paris_Bird_Market._Oil_on_Canvas
    Paris bird market. Oil on canvas. 140x100cm
  • Peace_Painting._oil_on_Canvas
    Peace painting. Oil on canvas. 100x80cm
  • places_of_refuge
    Places of refuge. 90x60cm
  • Providence_wakes_each_morning
    Prividence wakes each morning. 118x76cm
  • Rose_the_Sharp_Silver_of_a_Fin._Oil_on_Board
    Rose the sharp silver of a fin. Oil on board. 40x32cm
  • Sacred_to_the_goddess_Hedra
    Sacred to the goddess Hedra. 120x120cm
  • Songbird._Pastel
    Songbird.Pastel. 24x17cm
  • The_Eyes_of_Tulips._Oil_on_Canvas
    The eyes of Tulips. oil on Canvas. 40x32cm
  • the_Finch_in_May
    The Finch in May. 18x8cm
  • Waiting_for_Spring._Mixed_Media
    Waiting for Spring. Mixed media. 25x16cm
  • White_Blackbird._Oil_on_Board
    White Blackbird. Oil on board. 21x15cm